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    Camera raw 8.4


      Does Lightroom CC use the beta version of Camera Raw 8.4 ? If not when ?

      Photoshop CC with the beta version can open the ARW files from my nex Sony A6000 with the righ profile Sony SELP18105G.AE, but Lightroom does not want to import these files "file not recognized by the camera raw support in lightroom (17)"

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Camera Raw 8.4 is a release candidate right now. It has not been officially released. Support has been added for your camera in the 8.4 release candidate, and that support will continue in the final official release. Lightroom has not been updated to version 5.4 yet. A lot of us are wondering when that will be. Support will be added for your camera in that version. As you are probably aware, Lightroom does not use the camera raw plug-in. So you will have to wait for the Lightroom update to get support for your camera. You can use Camera Raw 8.4 to generate DNG files that can be opened with the Lightroom that you have now. Or you can download the release candidate of the standalone DNG converter and create DNG files using that.

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            ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            The A6000 is in the ACR 8.4 RC list of new cameras – see Product Details:




            If this is a micro-4/3 camera, then Adobe generally supports the lenses automatically without having an external profile being listed.  Starting with the 8.4 RC, there is a message if a built-in profile is being used, so someone could test if the lens has built-in support, if a sample raw file was provided via DropBox or similar website.