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    Change Default Settings

      When I record a course, I always have to "change all" settings on text boxes, highlight boxes, mouse timing, etc. Is there a way to change the default settings so that when I record, the slide quality is always "standard", the mouse is always 1.5 seconds , text boxes and highlight boxes are always "no transition", etc. These settings are not available in the Recording Options dialog boxes.
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi TrainerTom and welcome to our community

          Have you tried creating a template? It's pretty easy to do. Just take an existing project, click File > Save As... so that it has a totally different name. Then delete what you don't want in the seed template. Once you get it like you want, click File > Save as Template.

          There is more information at This link.

          Cheers... Rick
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            TrainerTom Level 1
            I have created the template for the opening & closing slides, however, when I record new slides into the "new presentation" the settings revert back to default ones, as above, i.e.: new slides are High Quality, textboxes are "Fade In and Out" etc. I was wondering if there is a way to get to those defaults & tweek them a bit, without having to get hired as an Adobe Programmer.
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              Sushil Bengani
              There is one solution I found "Template".

              Open a final course where you have applied all the settings. Remove all slides except one and delete unused items from library also. Save this file as template, give an appropriate name and save.

              Now whenever you need to make a course in same settings use this template. There is a option on startup screen "Create project from template". Open the template and start recording after the first screen. This course will have the settings applied. Save the course without doing the round of settings.

              I hope this does answer your query. :)
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                TrainerTom Level 1
                Thanks for the template suggestion, however, as I stated earlier, when I use the template file, save as a new file & start recording new slides the new files are recorded at the "default" settings. For example, in the template, all slide Quality is set to "Standard", and for textboxes all fonts are set to 14 pt, and transition is set to "no transition", highlight boxes are set to "no transition", etc. After recording, new slides are High Quality, textboxes & highlight boxes are Fade in/Fade out, and fonts are 12 point. My question is - Is there a way to reset the "default" recording setting for slide quality, textbox transition, font size, etc. I don't see or cannot find a way to do that. If there isn't a way to change defaults without having to do it a code level, then that's fine, however, I would like to know that.
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                  Judith Venning
                  I reckon you are saving the file by using File, Save As. Look for the File, Save As Template. Then it should work. Judith
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                    TrainerTom Level 1
                    Ok, two have suggested creating a template. Thanks for suggesting that. However, I had already done that, as stated twice. I use the template to create a new project, save the file as a new movie, just like normal. Then I record new slides, and it's back to default record settings & not the template settings. See message above. Any other suggestions except the template one.
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                      I have this exact same problem - I have created the template, but when I create new slides using the template, the settings revert back. I have not found a solution.....
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                        TrainerTom Level 1
                        Thanks for the sympathy. Hopefully we'll get an answer along the way, someone can let us know a way to reset the "default" recording setting for slide quality, textbox transition, font size, etc.