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    Creating text boxes is causing VERY slow performance


      i've read the threads about how slow indesign cc has been from last year.  i would assume this issue had been fixed by now, so i just switched our

      whole company over from cs5 to cc.  we are a prinitng company that makes calendars with many text boxes, and indesign cc is about 1/2 as fast

      as cs5 was in creating these from scratch.  i've noticed the more text boxes, whether used or blank, causes it to slow even more.  i can't do anything

      without it lagging and pausing, which is not productive whatsoever.


      is there any fix at all to this or is this ever going to be fixed?  i have found no solution. 


      we have 32 gb ram and decently fast macs (not the newest but decent), but processing speed can't be the issue when it seems everyone is having these same problems.  (we do not have retina dislplays, just normal samsung monitors)


      we have tried saving new files out as the new cc version but that doesn't help.


      try it for yourself.  make an 8 1/2 X 11 document with 100 step and repeated text boxes.  even left blank, the whole programs slows down.


      i need help, or else i have no choice but to roll everyone back to cs5.