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    Simple button action that goes to a page within the same doc

    synterx Level 1

      I can't figure this out. I have a button I want to use that takes a person back to the first, or second page of the same doc. It's a catalog section with a table of contents. I need to make links for the pdf that takes people to certain pages within the same document.


      In the Buttons panel, I see how to make the button, but when I assign an action, the only choice that makes sense is "Go To Destination", but I don't get or see any way to choose "page 2" of the document, or another selection method.


      I did this before a few years ago on hundreds of pages, and when I open those old documents up to copy/paste the same buttons, they don't even appear to have actions on them anymore, as if it never happened.


      So, what's the secret? Certainly there's a way to link to another page in the same ID file, no?