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    Inconsistent list of Technologies

    DasFX Level 1
      The various list of lab Technologies are inconsistent. This makes it confusing. What's on the homepage is different than here http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/ or here http://labs.adobe.com/community/. Notice Cairngorm 2 is only listed on the home page, and Flex-Ajax Bridge is on the Community page, but not the Technologies page.
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          Daniel T Employee Moderator
          Hi, I completely agree, which is why we will be publishing a new Technologies index page within the next several days that will include Cairngorm, NoteTag, and the other primary technologies that live within the Labs wiki. The community page will not be updated, however, because the purpose of this page is to list all discussion forums for Labs technologies. Since some technologies do not have discussion forums, some technologies are not listed.

          Thank you for the feedback! Please let us know if anything else feels wrong or does not make sense.