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    css formatting not applying in webhelp output




      I used to work with RH version 7 and have just recently upgraded to RH11. I opened up a project created using RH7 in RH11 and regenerated both .chm and webhelp outputs. The .chm output is fine, however the webhelp output does not seem to apply all the css defined formatting. I would appreciate it if someone could tell me what could be causing this and how I can resolve it.


      These are the steps I performed:

      1. Open an RH project file created in RH7 in a RH11 environment.

      2. I was prompted to upgrade the project in order to open it in RH11 so I upgraded.

      3. Generate a .chm output.

      4. Generate a wbehelp output

      5. I also tried setting css to apply to all topics (Webhelp Settings) then generate again a webhelp file.


      When I reviewed the outputs that's when I saw the problem with my webhelp output. In my previous version of RH when I generate the webhelp output i dont get this problem.


      I am using Windows Server 2012 and RH HTML 11. I tested the outputs in IE8 and 10, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. The issue of some css formatting not applying appears in Google Chrome and Firefox. in IE8 and IE10, the formatting seems to apply, only some text appears really small, smaller than what appears in .chm.


      Hope you could help me out.

      Thanks a lot!

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          Jeff_Coatsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          First make sure that you’re fully patched & have applied the fixes for IE10/11 and Chrome. Then generate without applying the css to all; rename the folder and then do it with it applied & compare.

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            PDF Boy Level 1

            I have a similar situation. Using RH10 and applied all latest patches.  Upgraded Installed IE11 and now webhelp when viewed locally via IE11 does not display the CSS.  When viewed from a server all is ok.  When viewing locally via FF, Chrome etc all is ok.


            When other people view the same webhelp locally on their machine using IE11 the css is being displayed correctly.


            Any suggestions?

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              Jeff_Coatsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              So the fact that it appears to be working on other machines using the same browser indicates it’s something to do with your browser settings – start looking at the differences between your copy of IE 11 and theirs.

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                PDF Boy Level 1

                Update - We have now compared IE11 settings on different machines and they are the same. One displays the Webehelp locallly correctly and mine does not.


                We have tried all the Reset options in IE and this did not work. We then unistalled IE 11 and re installed it. This did not fix the issue.


                We have now unistalled IE11 and installed IE10 back on my machine and this has fixed it. Problem arose after I upgraded to IE11.


                Our IT guys have looked into it and can't think of a reason for this to happen. Weird.

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                  Tecmo Level 1

                  Hi Jeff,


                  Thank you so much for all the tips.


                  I actually have applied the patches but the problem still existed.


                  I found out later that the reason for these fromatting issues is because of how the css codes appear in the robohelp HTML editor.

                  You see my css stylesheet has gone through some editting, and although I've used the exact name for the css code, there was some difference with the letter case.

                  In Robohelp version 7, as long as you are using the correct code (exact spelling) then it will call and apply that css code to a text line. However, now it appears that if there is a difference in the letter case, it will not properly call that code as if robohelp considers it as a different css code (e.g. Text1 vs text1).


                  After fixing the codes of those affected lines, the formatting issue was resolved.


                  Thank you so much for extending your help. Really appreciate it.