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    Adding aditional data at the Returned Form Page


      Hi there!

      A form created on LC 8.2.1, when you see it on Acrobat reader and it opens a returned form page after hitting the email button, is it possible to include data from a drop-off list contained in the form, either on the Subject or somewhere down in the automated generated phrase? Example, on the form there's a drop-down list about the US States, the recipient wants to know from what State this form was send it, assuming it is from California, can it read something like this?




      Subject: Form Returned: [Form name] ["California"].pdf




      Form Returned: [form name] ["California"].pdf


      The attached file is the filled-out form. Please open it to review the data.



      I have LC 8.2.1 and Acrobat 9 Pro 9.5.5 both for Windows.


      *Thanks for your advice*