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    Tried to Uninstall PS Elements 9.  Got Error 1316.  Now I can't run or uninstall program


      I bought PS Elements 12. I started to install PS Elements 12 and realized I needed to uninstall PS Elements 9 for space.  I got an "error code 1316 A Network error while attempting to access C:/windows/installer/Adobe/Photoshop Elements 9.MSI"  So, the uninstall failed.  Now the program will not run or uninstall. 

      I rolled back to Windows 7 Pro system to before I attempted to uninstall.  Still no luck.  I tried to reinstall frim the disk but it will only try to uninstall the PSE 9 - it will not give me an option to install.  I cannnot find anything on line and the Chat people told me to contact Adobe.come/support and that is not working ( I find Adobe the least friendly of all the software I use).

      Can anyone help with the uninstall?