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    Very slow when testing movie

    paul_james123 Level 1


      I've built a flash project that has multiple alpha tweens etc. Yesterday and all days prior, it ran fine when I tested the movie (using preview mode in flash) but today everything is dragging. The tweens stutter and the whole movie seems to chug along without the smoothness I've always seen.


      Here's what has changed:

      When I tried to open my latest version of fla project today, I got an 'unexpected file format' error. (Other earlier versions open fine.) I searched on that error and found this: http://forums.adobe.com/message/4586656

      ...which recommends an update:

      Adobe Flash Professional CS5.5 Security Update 11.5.2


      I installed that update and  restarted my computer.


      That file now opened ...but now all fla projects are very, very slow as described above (Not just that one that wouldn't open before). Tweening background images even vanish at one point. I'v rebooted without improvement. (It doesn't seem to affect the SWFs exported from those fla files.)


      CS5.5 ver

      Win 8.1 (updated from Win8 couple days ago)


      Any help is greatly appreciated!