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    "You've been signed out" CC Message

    Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

      My CC Desktop Application manager became signed out last night, and responded with the 'You've been signed out' message every time I tried to log back on.  So I had a Google and found the 'Delete opm.db' tip.  I tried to be caucious and just add a .bak to the file name, but I was not allowed to because it was in use.  I evntually just deleted it, and was indeed able to log back on to the Desktop Application manager, (DAm)


      So all was well, except if I close the DAm for any reason, or restart the computer, I so far have to go back to App data\local\Adobe\OOBE\  and delete opm.db again to be able to sign in to the DAm.   That is not right.


      I also found the Run the IMSLib Replacer (WINDOWS only) tip which suggest a link to USB devices being plugged in or unplugged, and I have a possible corilation with that because I had added another mouse (Razer Mamba) to the system not long before the initial problem.  I have not tried running ISLMLibReplacer.exe yet, although I have unplugged the Razer mouse.


      So It looks like I can get by, but I would obviously like to be free of needing work-arrounds. 


      I'm running

      Windows 7 Pro

      Full CC subscription


      Everything is up to date, with the exception on an InDesign 9.2.1 update.  My bandwidth is pants, so I am leaving that update for when I can spare the bandwidth.


      Thanks for any tips or suggestions