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    Error when trying to convert excel files to pdf

    knightscorpion Level 1

      I'm getting the following error when trying to convert .xls and .xlsx files to pdf, using the "Create PDF" option:


      Error message from the primary converter:

      ALC-PDG-010-012-PDFMaker reported an error while printing the document.



      Word, Powerpoint and Text files convert without any issues. Also I'm able to opent the excel files and convert them to pdf using the acrobat option in excel.



      Livecycle Version: 10.0.2, GM

      MS Office Version: 2007



      Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.




      Suhail N.

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          Wison Aron Level 1

          It is always difficult when you need to convert multiple xls files to pdf or multiple sheets to pdf. If you have a single file to convert then the best method would be to copy your data to doc file and then convert it into PDF . If you have multiple files to convert then it is really difficult to convert all the files manually. Then the better method would be to use converter tool to convert excel to pdf . By doing this you can convert many files in just few seconds.