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    Using CFCs on a Mac

    jasonpresley Level 1
      I have been using CFCs on a pc for quite a while and have reciently been able to get CF to run on my Mac. I installed it as a standalone server and have verified that it is working through standard code however I can't use CFCs as I recieve messages that it can find the cfc. I have tried several different paths and syntaxes but I can't get it work. The web root is wwwroot and I have my project (site) folders under this folder. Do I need to map something in the CF Administrator for it to see them and if so what and how do I do that. Anyone been able to get this to work? Thanks!

      Jason Presley
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          craigkaminsky Level 3

          I work on a Mac and, in general, I setup mappings for each of my applications. If I have an application in my cf web root called "myapp". I would setup the mapping as:
          mapping: /myapp
          path: /Applications/JRun4/servers/cfusion/cfusion-ear/cfusion-war/myapp/

          As you can tell from my path, I installed CFMX (7.0.2.x) on top of JRun4 (so it's a little more contorted to get to my cf web root directory).

          In my cf code, I would call a cfc called MyCfc (in a folder called /myapp/model/com) like this:
          objMyCfc = createObject("component","myapp.model.com.MyCfc");

          I've not had any problems using CFCs (and I use them in every application).

          Hope this helps!