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    Countdown Help - further

      Ok, i want my code to countdown to a specific time within my date.

      What do i have to add to enable it to do this?

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          All you do is set the hour, minute and second properties of your target date object!

          var targetDate:Date = new Date(2007,5,4, 9, 30, 54); // Wed June 4 09:30:54 GMT+0200 2007

          And your code will work ;)
          However i recomend you look in to using some other means of updating the displayed time. onEnterFrame might do it too offen making this metod a bit unpractical. Seeing how we only display the seconds you might only need an interval timer set to 100 ms.
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            Reece_Neumann Level 1
            Oh ok, thanks.

            I was putting the time in the targetTime variable lol.

            Much opreciated!