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    brushes will not overlap


      Hi, so I use photoshop as a drawing program and draw outlines on one layer then make another layer underneath to color in. normaly while coloring in if i mess up or dont like the colo i can change the brush color and brush over the old color but for some reason all of a sudden i am not able to brush over older brush strokes with a different color and am not sure why, all my settings seem to be normal any help would be appreciated?

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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          Check your brush mode in the Options bar.

          What brush preset are you using?  (Try resetting your brushes, and selecting the first brush in the panel.)

          Are you trying to draw outside of an active selection?

          What is your brush opacity set to?  (It is oh so easy to hit a number key and set it to a very low opacity.)

          Are your strokes hidden by a filled layer higher up the layer stack?

          What are the layer blend modes set to?



          If none of this helps, and you have not fixed it yourself (and I'm betting that you have) upload a screen grab showing your entire workspace, and make sure the Layers panel is showing.  And please don't downsize before uploading.

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            jacobkemple Level 1

            I ended up having the mode set to something weird. thanks so much for you help though.

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              Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

              Thanks for letting us know.  I do it all the time.  Fingers move faster than my brain, and I action shortcuts I didn't even know were there!  Or I just plain forget I was cleaning an alpha channel and left the brush in Overlay mode etc. etc. etc.