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    Adobe Premiere Elements 10 - missing and relinking files


      I have adobe premiere elements 10 and I am hoping someone can please help me with an issue I am having with unlinked files.


      The problem:  somehow the files in adobe premiere elements organizer have lost the link w/ the originals.  Whether I manually search or allow premiere elements to search, I am unable to relink the files.  I thought I had the original file structure from the camera (Canon Vixia; file structure AVCHD - BDMV - STREAM - then there are the files).  However all that is in the original file structure are the .xmp files (not the .MTS files like there normally are)  I will be honest and say that the computer files did get rather disorganized w/ multiple copies of things (I was having issues w/ converting files w/ the mac, and I used a duplicate finder to find duplicates about a year ago and deleted what I thought were multiple copies of things).  Then left the project alone, and now trying to reorganize the videos and make a DVD.


      The goal:  relink the files


      The importance:  Everything links up except for about 4-5 months worth of videos.  Which happen to be the videos of my 2nd child's birth (her first moments in the hospital, first bath, first Christmas, first everything!)  So this is extremely important to me that I find the files and relink them. 


      What I've done:  Manually searched the mac, the backup drive and the cloud backup.  No luck.  I also had adobe premiere elements search - no luck.  I have used the mac search function looking for key words and later the file name (which shows up in Adobe premiere elements organizer - but it has the little yellow question mark prompting me to relink the files - then I can't find the original to link it to).


      Fingers are crossed:  that someone can tell me there is something I can do with these .xmp files to relink them?  Anything that can be done at all?  The premiere elements organizer even shows a picture of what the video is - not just a blank gray screen - where is it pulling these images from if they don't exist on the computer somehow?



      I've learned my lesson on keeping original files separate, but please help me save and preserve my daughter's precious first memories!


      Thanks so much.

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          To relink the files, we need to know they still exist and where they are.


          Hope ?

          The premiere elements organizer even shows a picture of what the video is - not just a blank gray screen


          If you have not already, right click this thumbnail in the Elements Organizer, select Show File Info, look to the far right column and under the Information header.

          look for location and see if that tells you where the original for that thumbnail is located.


          If that gives us some clues, stop there and let us know what happened. If not, please continue reading this post.



          Am I correct, you have Premiere Elements 10 Mac and work with its Elements Organizer 10 as well?


          Are you saying the you cannot find on the computer hard drive the originals that went into those 4 -5 months worth of videos? All you find in the place where they should be are .xmp files? You need the files with the .mts file extension. The .xmp are just informational files. Could it be that you over did it with cleaning up your files and deleted the .mts files?


          Let us go on an exploratory mission...open one of the projects (project.prel files) with the missing media, press skip all for the first "Where is the file....?" message. That will get you into the project which will display colorful Media Offline images in media and Timeline. What percentage of the files appear to be missing based on the colorful Media Offline display? Are there no images that remained linked? If even one has remained link, find it in the Project Media, right click it, select Properties, and look for the path to the file there. The hope is where you find one, the others may be.


          This may not be just a matter of deleted files. You may have renamed source media files and folder as well as moved them around.


          Please review and then let us know what your review revealed of the situation.


          Thank you.




          Add On...do you still have any of the original footage on the camera's memory (internal or external)?

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            tarheelmommy Level 1

            Thank you so much for your reply.


            -When I right click the thumbnail in Elements Organizer & go to "show properties", I see a picture of a folder and the file structure where it should be found (Macintosh HD/Users/ourfirstlastname/Videos/09 30/ 12/ ).  When I follow that file structure on our macintosh HD, there is no "videos" folder in the hard drive.  As a side note, the file name in Elements is 00029.MTS so it is trying to find the MTS file.


            -Yes, I have Premiere elements 10, working on a mac and I work with Elements Organizer 10 as well


            -Yes, the problem is that I can't find on the computer hard drive the originals for those 4-5 months of videos.  All that is there is the XMP files (which dates match what I'm looking for).  There aren't any .mts files that match the dates anywhere to be found.  It is unfortunately very possible I over-did it with cleaning but I really am holding out hope that I'm just looking in the wrong spot.  I am pretty proficient on a PC but unfortunately rather new to the mac and was holding out hope that they are hidden somewhere and it's just user error that I can't find them.


            -I don't actually have a project that is missing files - it's just missing in the elements organizer.  I had not yet started the 2012 project yet.  I was attempting to start the project this evening when I discovered that the files I had put in organizer months ago were not linking correctly.  When I click on files that are present (basically some files after November 2012) and follow the link, I am able to find them (.MTS files and some .MOV files) in the hard drive. 


            -I very well could have renamed source media files and folders and likely moved them around.  I feel like they would have to be somewhere for there to be an image on the Premiere elements organizer (image w/ little yellow question mark on it) - unless that image is part of the .xmp file?


            -I do not have the original footage on the camera's memory.  We only use the internal memory of the camera & transfer to computer & back up - keeping original file structure so I figured that was enough :-(  Unfortunately that footage from 2012 is long gone off the camera.


            Thanks again for your help.  If it was any other footage I'd chalk it up to a lesson learned, but those first moments of my daughter's life are super important so I hope I can figure this out!

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Thanks for the reply.


              I am strictly an Elements Windows person, so I cannot evaluate all the places where those .mts could be on Mac, if they still exist.


              The forum moderator Steve Grisetti uses Premiere Elements Elements Organizer Mac, so maybe he has some

              suggested hidden spots on your computer where your files might see exist.


              I will point him to your thread in case he does not see it first.


              In the morning I will check your thread for further developments.


              We will not give up yet.





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                tarheelmommy Level 1

                Thank you A.T., that sounds great. 

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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  I usually see SG making the rounds of the threads around 10 and 11 pm, so maybe he might respond tonight, but not sure.


                  I sent him a private message pointing him to your thread so he should be posting soon, maybe tomorrow if not tonight.


                  Hope he has some Mac secrets that will help you recover your important files.



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                    Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                    Unfortunately, if you can't find any of these photos anywhere on your Mac -- even when you're searching in Finder -- then there's nothing you can do with the Organizer to locate them.


                    Otherwise, you can check under View menu and ensure that, under Media Types, Photos are checked to display -- and under View/Hidden Files, Show All Files is selected.


                    But if you've searched your entire Mac and hard drive(s) using Finder and the photos just aren't to be found, then it's not an issue with the Organizer software. You've somehow deleted or moved the files from your computer.