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    Can't install plugins in Mac Creative Cloud applications

    chrisplarz2 Level 1



      I've followed many of the step recommend here with no success, including reinstalling EM CC, rebooting, removing all plugins from EM Store...nothing.  When I try to launch Ext Mngr, it launches but then hangs. I'm running Creative Cloud on a MacBook running OSX 10.9.2.


      Here's my log file:


      [Warning] Tue Mar 25 23:34:48.503 2014 (/Volumes/Develop/jenkins_slave_all/workspace/ExMan_7.1.1_RIBS_Mac/ExManCoreLibrary/Mac/. ./Source/Util/SignatureValidator.cpp, 155) -CSignatureValidator::verifySignature: timestamp has an in-range date and is valid!

      [Warning] Tue Mar 25 23:39:13.595 2014 (/Volumes/Develop/jenkins_slave_all/workspace/ExMan_7.1.1_RIBS_Mac/ExManCoreLibrary/Mac/. ./Source/Util/ExManProcessMutex.cpp, 31) -CExManProcessMutex::CExManProcessMutex has locked in function: ExManTerminate.


      Any help from anyone?