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    Issues importing word into indesign and keeping notes/superscripts

    NViereckel Level 1



      I have a job coming up where I will need to import word documents into indesign that come from various sources.


      I did some web surfing and discovered I should be able to do it by placing the word document into my template. It seemed to work when I first tried it, but I have now discovered that only the first few notes have from through (first 14 to be precise). Then the numbers disappear (and are replaced by soft returns) until note 33 where they jump back in. But of course this starts at the next number missing, so in this case 15. Which of course means all the numbers are out of order and so need to be fixed.


      I would just input or fix manually but as I have 15 stories place and format and the first one has 95 notes... I am hoping to find a less time consuming solution.


      I am guessing it is something in how the author has edited the word document, but I truly have no idea.


      Any suggestions as best way to overcome this? Ideally something I can ask the authors to fix. Or is there something in the import options?


      I am about to get EXTREMELY desperate with this issue.


      Thanking you call in advance.