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    Tool Hints panel no longer available?

    Till Ulen

      I used to consult the Tool Hints panel when working with the InDesign tools that I haven't fully mastered. The panel was available via the menu: Window > Utilities > Tool Hints.


      Now the menu item and the panel itself are gone. I'm not sure when it happened. I last used it in InDesign CC 9.2.0 English version. Since then I have switched to the Middle Eastern version (Hebrew enabled) and upgraded to 9.2.1. (Those are all 64-bit versions running on Windows 8.1.)


      Does anyone know why the Tool Hints panel is no longer available? Any tips on how to get it back?


      P. S. I verified that it is not an issue with hidden menu items. The Edit > Menus... dialog doesn't have a Tool Hints menu item under Window > Utilities either.