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    Adobe Cloud - i need to upgrade my 10.6.8


      I need to update my 10.6.8 to run Adobe Cloud, but i have heard that updating to maverick seems to create problems with Cloud. Should i just upgrade to Mountain Lion without Maverick? Anybody had similar problems?

      Hardware Overview:


        Model Name:    Mac Pro

        Model Identifier:    MacPro3,1

        Processor Name:    Quad-Core Intel Xeon

        Processor Speed:    2.8 GHz

        Number Of Processors:    2

        Total Number Of Cores:    8

        L2 Cache (per processor):    12 MB

        Memory:    4 GB

        Bus Speed:    1.6 GHz

        Boot ROM Version:    MP31.006C.B05

        SMC Version (system):    1.25f4

        Serial Number (system):    CK8451155J4

        Hardware UUID:    0CD6F55D-4DC0-5CB5-9AB4-3DEE31ADF87A

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          >Anybody had similar problems?


          Adobe/Jive have a BAD title for the SEARCH THIS FORUM function


          Go to the "root" of ANY program forum and, in the area just under Ask a Question, type in




          You may now read previous discussions on this subject... be sure to click the See More Results at the bottom of the initial, short list if the initial list does not answer your question