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    Resizing causes sharpened edges


      I'm using Photoshop CS6 on OSX 10.9.2. I've installed all available updates using adobe updater.


      When I resize an image, or transform a layer to a smaller size, Photoshop adds borders around hard edges. It really feels like using 'sharpen edges'.  It isn't a subtle border, it makes resized images useless.  I have tried diffrent resize methods (bicubic, cubic,...) without a noticable diffrence. Worth nothing is the fact is isn't only on a layer or document outer edges, but on all graphical edges inside a layer.


      Here is quick example: a gray layer with plain black text on it resizes to this:



      I'm using and old laptop with CS4 to resize my images now.


      Thx in advance!

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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          Several of the regulars here removed Bicubic Automatic from the default resizing method in Preferences.  I think it might be OK for average images that are not stella sharp, but it is completely OTT for already sharp images.  So I use Bicubic (best for smooth gradiants).

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            tstruyf Level 1

            Ok, got it fixed by setting, bicubic best for smooth gradient, in general preferences. I always tested this setting using the dropdown in the image-reize dialog, and there was no diffrence between those methods. I'm 100% sure, tested it more then 5 times, that this dropdown was useless. Strangly, after setting this in general preferences, it does work. Maybe some bug that was fixed by and update.... Anyway, it work now, thanks for helping!!