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    Fix an After Effects CC error ( 5070 : 2 ) ray trace 3D on an retina

    be-a-coconut Level 1



      When trying to coverts the Render mode in the comp settings from Classic 3D to Ray-traced 3D, I get an error


      "After Effects error: Ray-Traced 3D: Out of paged mapped memory for Ray tracer. Your project may exceed GPU limits. Try closing other applications. Try updating the CUDA driver. ( 5070 :: 2 )"


      I am running Mavericks 10.9.2 with After Effects CC on an macbook pro retina running 2.3 GH, 12 GB Ram, plenty of free hard drive space. It is running the Intel Iris Pro 1024 Mo.


      I've instal the CUDA driver 5.5.28. I tryed with and without it's the same.


      Any idea what the issue is and how to fix it?