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    Getting started with Robohelp

      Hi everyone,
      I'm brand new to Robohelp.

      We've got several pieces of software that are used for interacting with different models of standalone data recorders. We've developed a communications package for the newest model and it now needs online documentation. Our older recorder has a rather nice .hlp file system, and since the software packages are quite similar, it seems that adapting this .HLP file to the new software should be the easiest way to maintain continuity in the software. Unfortunately most of the windows are slightly different from one another, and in many cases there are features that are supported in one system but not the other.

      After viewing the project, and seeing three hundred pages of help topics in the existing file, plus a hundred or so graphics, not to mention all the hot spots that one can click upon, I feel like I'm standing at the base of mount Everest, looking at the pinnacle with no rope in hand!

      Where should I start, and is there a tutorial with a smaller project which could help me at least get the basics of how to create the requisite buttons, topics, books, etcetera ?

      I've got the 30 day evaluation version going but I'm approved to buy the upgrade to Robohelp 6. We've used Robohelp here in the office before, I think it's Robohelp Office purchased circa 1998.

      --Dan from Okemos, MI
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Dan and welcome to our community!

          I'm not sure about RoboHelp 6, but it would surprise me if it didn't have what I'm about to suggest. I recall trying to come to terms with RoboHelp HTML and I found that between the forums here and the Tutorials that ship with RoboHelp (Help > Video Tutorials or Help > Tutorial) I was up and running in no time at all.

          When you have spare moments, check out fellow Adobe Community Expert Peter Grainge's site ( http://www.grainge.org ) or my own site ( http://www.RoboWizard.com for a wealth of other tips and whatnot.

          Give us a shout when you get stuck with anything. We are always happy to help if we can.

          Cheers... Rick