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    Why do vector shapes in scaled smart objects blur?


      This remains a point of frustration.

      Why does converting a vector shape to a smart object in Photoshop mean that it's then treated as a bitmap and blurs when scaled up?


      If i paste the same vector shape into Illustrator and then back into Photoshop as a smart object it then behaves correctly, and remains sharp.


      See the image for example of what i mean. Left is the master shape, centre is it converted into a smart object in Photoshop, right pasted to and from Illustrator. These were then scaled 300% resulting in the centre one blurring.


      I don't really want to have to invovle Illustrator in this way and keep all my vector work in Photoshop now it has the tools to do so, but this issue creates me a lot of extra work.


      Or am i doing something wrong?