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    0xc0000005 indesign HELP!!


      Hello all.


      When a user is working in indesign then suddenly crashes the program it is different errors they got sometime it says "Could not complete your request because of a database error. The file (filename) is damaged (Error code 2)" but i know the file is not damaged, because then the users press OK on the error, and reopen the same file it works perfect, without any data loss.


      this is just an example of errors i got.


      the only thing the errors have in commen is then i look in to Eventlog, this error showing: 0xC0000005


      i have search on the internet and there is a lot of solutions but i havin't found anyone there was helping.


      error occurs intermittently.



      The error happened after I  moved Marketing's drive from one server to another server.

      the 2 server are exactly alike.



      I've had a server technician on the case and he says our server is hale and healthy, the discs do not fail on anything. so he cant find any solution on the problem.