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    Formatting individual words in a text box

    iwywaw Level 1



      I read a previous question about text formatting in Edge Animate but the solution provided was to enter text into the box using code. I'm not too fond of this solution as it doesn't provide you with a preview of the text while you are working in Edge, only once the page has been previewed.


      I tried inputting formatting tags like <b> and <u> in the text box but unfortunately this doesn't work. Once this failed I had a look at the code in yourPageTitle_edge.js and saw that the text box was using <br> tags for line breaks so I wrapped my test word 'apple' in <b> tags within the javascript document itself, saved it and reloaded the page in Edge Animate...voila!


      The formatting loads up and displays in Edge Animate but if you edit the tag (that you created in the javascript file) directly in the text box, you will lose the formatting. The text box shows an additional box around the formatted text so it understands that it is different.


      Finally, my question: Seeing as Edge Animate can preview the formatting, could we get an update for Edge Animate that allows us to enter HTML tags in to the text box? I realise some users may want to display tags as text if they are writing tutorials etc. but it would be very beneficial to have control over the formatting of words within a text box. Even if the tags have to be entered in a specific way to avoid conflict with displaying them as text, entering tags within some sort of container that will distinguish it as HTML code, e.g. [!<b>Bold</b>!]




      www.prawned.co.uk/files/textFormatting.zip - I've included my example in a zip file so if my explanation was terrible, you'll at least be able to understand what I was meaning by having a look for yourself