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    Aliased text on PDF export with blending modes

    Monoqle Level 1

      So I've had this issue with a pdf, I tried to export it CMYK, RVB, interactive pdf, regular pdf, with tons of different other options, the text was still very aliased.


      I decided to take it back from scratch, openned a new document with the same size, and copied/pasted element after element from the old one to the new one, exporting as pdf between each copy/paste. The first exports went really well, the render was great… until I pasted a vector element that was applied with a blending mode (overlay).


      When I switched it to normal, the pdf export was smooth again. Tried every blending mode, everyone makes the text jaggy. Switch back, it's ok. So I'm 100% sure that this comes from blending modes, as opposed to what I could have read on other forums.


      This is a request, please, InDesign team, take care of this problem, this is quite annoying in many cases.


      Thank you for your attention!



      Twitted here as well : https://twitter.com/grinderlabs/status/448381486627311616