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    Adobe Customer Service Complaint (CS4 Master Collection)


      Hi, I'm new to the forum but I have been browsing it a lot recently in reference to an ongoing issue of mine. I've largely given up on my original problem right now as I've been in touch with Adobe Customer Support no fewer than five times - online and over the phone - to little avail or respite. Instead, I'm making this post just to get it out in the open how DISGUSTED I am with the quality of customer support offered by Adobe and add to the HOARD of complaints already up here.


      Before anyone jumps in and tells me what I already know, I do realise that this is a community forum and it's not a place for voicing issues with the company. However, seeing as this forum is that which comes up on google most predominantly (complaints included), I figured it was the best shout at getting my issue heard by the world at large. This is especially seeing as I've already sent my complaint to the 'official' adobe support email address, but given my current faith in their ability to respond to customer issues and complaints, I'm not exactly expecting anything useful in response to my letter - as you might figure from what I have written below.


      Anyway, as such, consider this post either a consolidation or an emphatic shoutout to anyone who also has major grievances with Adobe's pathetic and totally unsupportive support system.




      Dear Sandesh,


      I am writing to make a formal complaint about the way in which several members of your staff have handled a case of mine recently. For your reference, the case numbers opened by your staff members are #0212480723, #0212621543 and #0212612935. Also, find attached at the bottom of this letter two separate online conversations that I had with your staff members within 24 hours. I am frustrated to even have to quote you three separate case files seeing as each of them relate to only one case, yet for some reason, your staff members opted to open new cases each time I was in contact with them rather than add to or resolve the cases already opened on my behalf. This is a ridiculous way to run a support company that is not at all focused on the customer at all.


      Furthermore, I say staff “members” simply because on the 5 separate instances that I was in contact with Adobe Customer Support, I spoke to a new support administrator each time. Not only is this incredibly frustrating in itself, but the simple issue that none of your staff members seemed at all capable of referring to notes made by previous staff members, which meant that each and every time I had to chase my case up I was forced to go through the entire process of explaining the problem to every person I spoke to – either online or on the phone.


      This meant that I had to waste time to accommodate your staff’s incompetence by continuously explaining my serial number problems. If only ONE of your staff members had proved capable of writing decent, comprehensive notes about my calls and only ONE of them had proved capable to read the notes made then I would have been to save HOURS of my own time and HOURS waiting to hear back from your team about my issue.


      Not only this, but on three separate occasions I was promised a call back and/or email response to my problems within 24 hours of getting in touch with Adobe Customer Support. This was after two of your staff members told me that my case had been ‘escalated’ to a higher department as they did not have the means to deal with and investigate my problem correctly. Needless to say, none of these responses from the higher department actually occurred otherwise I would not have had to get in touch repeatedly. I am absolutely disgusted that multiple members of your staff made these assurances to me and for NOT A SINGLE ONE of them to follow through. On the second occasion where I was assured my case had been escalated to the higher department, I repeatedly asked the support administrator what the name of the higher department is and who my contact from the department would be and the administrator totally evaded my questions, simply telling me that I would hear back within 24 hours.


      As I’m sure you can guess, I did NOT hear back in 24 hours. As such, I went onto Adobe Live Support again and spoke to Nakul. Rather than explaining why my case had not been handled in the way that was promised, Nakul simply dodged all of my questions and decided to treat my case as if it were brand new. As such, I had to go through the motions again of explaining my serial number problems, only for him to ignore them and – unlike the previous 4 people I had spoken to – decide that he DID, in fact, have the answer. Rather than actually help me, however, he opted to simply tell me that my product was unsupported because of where I bought my product from.


      Having already uploaded my receipt of purchase and not received anything from Adobe by way of response, I feel that Nakul’s not-so-solution was beyond unacceptable. Firstly, because if Nakul is right, then WHY weren’t your other staff members capable of telling me this beforehand? Secondly, because if Nakul is wrong – as the previous members of staff would have led me believe – then it is totally inappropriate for him to have to completely dodged my original issue in favour of simplifying it by telling me he couldn’t do anything. In the end, it seems that Nakul has opted to ‘withdraw’ all of my cases DESPITE MY SPECIFIC, REPEATED REQUESTS THAT HE DID NOT DO SO as I was not at all satisfied in the way he had concluded my case. I AM INFURIATED AND INSULTED BY THIS.


      The sheer inconsistency, incompetence and laziness displayed by all of your staff members in relation to my issue is COMPLETELY APPALLING. I have never been so stressed or insulted in attempting to get a problem resolved in my entire life. Because of your DISGUSTING way of treating your customers, I have LOST OVER A MONTH’S work time through having to compensate entirely for the way your team handles problems. EVEN NOW, MY PROBLEM IS NOT RESOLVED AND I HAVE HAD TO GIVE UP. Given that your team solely deals in customer support, I FAIL to see how they can be so APPALLING at their work and how they have not been reprimanded already – especially given the quite ASTOUNDING volume of complaints about Adobe Customer Support already published throughout the internet.


      I have included my last conversation with Nakul for your reference to see my level of frustration in this conversation. I ask that you read it to see where I am coming from. Naturally, however, by this stage, however reasonable courteous I feel that this is, I completely do not expect you to offer me anything by way of apology or assurance, or even to offer me some kind of sound solution to my problem. However, you can guarantee that I will be adding this complaint letter to the Adobe community forums whatever your response – or not – just to emphasise that it is certainly time that SOMEONE in Adobe does SOMETHING about the way its horrific support service is run.




      Conversation 1

      Hi, we are currently helping other customers in line ahead of you. We'll be with you as soon as possible.

      While you wait, you can try our
      community forums where experts are online 24/7.

      You are now chatting with Biswaranjan. To ensure we stay connected throughout our interaction , please don't click on the 'x' in the chat window. Doing so will disconnect our chat session.

      Charlotte : Hello

      Biswaranjan: Hello! Welcome to Adobe Customer Service.

      Biswaranjan: Hi Charlotte.

      Charlotte : Hi, thanks

      Biswaranjan: I am sorry for the delay.

      Charlotte : That's fine. To save some time, please may I ask you to refer to the details currently held for case 212480723

      Charlotte : As this support request is a continuation of this case

      Biswaranjan: I will definitely help with this issue.

      Biswaranjan: Please allow me 2-3 minutes while I check the case number for you.

      Charlotte : No problem

      Biswaranjan: Thank you.

      Charlotte : Not a problem. In short, I am contacting you because in spite of my phoning Adobe Customer Support twice since the case was opened, I have yet to hear anything in response.

      Charlotte : This is despite being told by the second individual that the priority of my case had been upgraded to a high level and that I would receive a phone call from the technical support team within 24-48 hours after they had done some investigation into my issue.

      Charlotte : Obviously, this is very frustrating for me as it is impeding my work presently.

      Charlotte : I am currently using Adobe CS4 Master Collection on a trial basis and the trial will shortly run out, which will obviously bring my work to a halt.

      Charlotte : As such, I am very keen to get an answer to my issue and incredibly disappointed by Adobe Customer Support so far, as I feel like I am being misled or ignored.

      Biswaranjan: I apologize for the inconvenience caused.

      Charlotte : Thank you. Obviously I understand that this is not your fault personally, but it is appreciated nonetheless.

      Charlotte : More importantly, of course, I just need this issue resolved ASAP

      Biswaranjan: I'll be right with you.

      Biswaranjan: Thank you for waiting. One moment please.

      Charlotte : That's fine.

      Biswaranjan: Sorry for the wait. Please do stay online.

      Biswaranjan: Thank you for staying online.

      Biswaranjan: I checked and see that the serial number you have provided is invalid. Since you have purchased the product from eBay.com, in this case I will suggest you to please contact the reseller to get the valid serial number.

      Charlotte : I have done this already. I have already spoken with the seller at considerable length, and he has provided me with the original receipt of purchase and confirmed that he has no other serial number available.

      Charlotte : Again, I have already told other members of Adobe's Customer Support this. The first support administrator assured me that by providing the original receipt of purchase (which I have already done), I would be sent a new, valid serial number by Adobe.

      Charlotte : After hearing nothing from them again, the second support administrator told me that he would chase the case up to higher technicians/'investigators' who would get back to me in 24-48 hours. This was last week and I have yet to hear anything.

      Biswaranjan: I'll be right with you.

      Biswaranjan: Thank you for waiting. One moment please.

      Biswaranjan: Sorry for the wait. Please do stay online.

      Charlotte : That's not a problem. I will stay online.

      Biswaranjan: Thank you for staying online.

      Biswaranjan: In this case I need to escalate the issue to the higher department so that they can assist you with the issue. Is that okay with you?

      Charlotte : It is okay with me, yes. However, I have already been promised this by another Customer Support advisor and I have yet to hear anything. As such, I'm sure you will understand that I am sceptical that this will resolve anything/

      Charlotte : As such, I would appreciate some contact details for this department/higher advisor in the event that I need to get in touch with them

      Biswaranjan: I will assure that you will get the resolution with 24 hours.

      Charlotte : Okay. Regardless, please could you tell me the name of this higher department and or the advisor that I will be dealing with? Also, will I hear from them via phone or email?

      Biswaranjan: Once I escalate the issue you will get the resolution via an email within 24 hours.

      Charlotte : Very well. Please could you confirm this for me by updating my case file on the Adobe Support Centre accordingly with all of these details

      Charlotte : Including your own details, that is

      Charlotte : Just for reference for who I have spoken to about this

      Biswaranjan: You will get a case number for this conversation.

      Charlotte : Will this include all the information I have asked for?

      Biswaranjan: You will also get the whole chat conversation.

      Charlotte : Thank you very much. This is very much appreciated.

      Biswaranjan: You are welcome.

      Biswaranjan: Is there anything else I can help you with?

      Charlotte : In which case, if in the event that I have not heard anything by 10:

      Charlotte : 30am GMT tomorrow, I will phone Adobe Customer support directly

      Charlotte : And quote this case number and conversation

      Charlotte : No, that will be all for today, thank you very much for your help

      Charlotte : I look forward to hearing a response from your higher department

      Biswaranjan: It was pleasure assisting you.

      Biswaranjan: You may receive an email that will contain a link to complete an optional survey to provide your feedback on the support experience. Your feedback is very much appreciated.

      Biswaranjan: Thank you for contacting Adobe.  We are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Goodbye!

      Charlotte : Thank you. Good bye

      This chat session has ended.
      Thank you for contacting Adobe.



      Conversation 2

      info: Hi, we are currently helping other customers in line ahead of you. We'll be with you as soon as possible.

      While you wait, you can try our community forums where experts are online 24/7.

      You are now chatting with Nakul. To ensure we stay connected throughout our interaction , please don't click on the 'x' in the chat window. Doing so will disconnect our chat session.
      Nakul: Hello! Welcome to Adobe Customer Service.
      Charlotte :
      Hello Nakul
      Nakul: Hello Charlotte
      Charlotte :
      Please may I ask you to refer to the cases numbered stated
      Nakul: Let me check on that case.
      Charlotte :
      CaseS. Plural.
      Nakul: Thank you for waiting. One moment please.
      Nakul: I'll be right with you.
      Charlotte :
      Right, well. Whilst you're investigating, I will tell you my situation.
      Charlotte :
      I am incredibly disappointed and infuriated with Adobe Customer Service at the moment. One TWO SEPARATE OCCASSIONS I have been told that my case has been escalated to a mythical 'higher department' and that I will receive a response to my serial number issues within 24 hours
      Charlotte :
      As you will see, my first case was opened at the end of February and it is still marked as 'Pending Adobe Response' and as of yet I have yet to hear anything of substance
      Charlotte :
      I will state clearly right now that I DO NOT WANT YOU TO CLOSE EITHER CASE
      Nakul: I understand. 
      Nakul: May I know where did you purchased the product?
      Charlotte :
      And instead, I would like to know the exact NAME of this higher department and a contact number
      Charlotte :
      You would be able to find out by checking the receipt attached to my case
      Charlotte :
      The point is that I already know you will not be able to help me with this issue - hence why my cases have been escalated by the higher department - and so I wish to be put in touch with the higher department immediately
      Charlotte :
      I am FED UP of running around in circles at this level and answering the same questions REPEATEDLY
      Charlotte :
      I apologise to hit out at you personally like this, but I just want to get in touch with someone who can actually and actively HELP ME instead of making empty promises
      Nakul: Sorry for the wait. Please do stay online.
      Nakul: I checked and see that you have purchased the product from eBay and reseller who has sold this has purchased the serial number from TOPPER GLOBAL LIQUIDATORS INTERNATIONAL.
      Charlotte :
      You are correct
      Nakul: In this case you need to contact Ebay. As this was not direct purchase from authorized reseller.
      Charlotte :
      This is not what I have been told before
      Charlotte :
      This includes what I have been told by other Adobe customer support agents on Live Chat and over the phone
      Nakul: No I am sorry, there was little confusion about point of purchase. As you have purchased from Ebay to need to contact Ebay if not the reseller from whom you have purchased.
      Nakul: Iam sorry there are no other options.
      Charlotte :
      And is the result of the investigation by the 'higher department'
      Charlotte :
      Because if so, I want to know exactly WHY I have not received this already in writing from a named agent from Adobe
      Charlotte :
      As this is what I was promised
      Nakul: Yes, that is correct.
      Charlotte :
      Forgive me if I do not trust the conclusions made by an agent at this level, after I have already been fobbed off and mislead by so many others
      Charlotte :
      Please tell me WHY I have not received this in writing then before having to contact you again now
      Charlotte :
      And may I just take the opportunity to point out that Adobe's customer service is without question THE WORST customer service I have ever had the mispleasure of having to endure
      Nakul: I am really sorry, I truly understand your concern. You can send us the email to adobecustomerservice@adobe.com.
      Charlotte :
      I will certainly do that
      Charlotte :
      In the meantime, I request that you DO NOT CLOSE OR DELETE EITHER OF MY CASES
      Charlotte :
      As I am firmly dissatisfied and mistrusting to the conclusion that you would have me believe
      Nakul: Okay I will not close the case. You can mention the case number in the email also.
      Charlotte :
      I have all of my previous conversations with adobe customer service agents in the past in writing, and the information you have given me directly contradicts what I have previously been told about investigations and responses
      Charlotte :
      Furthermore I would like to point out that the serial number I have used to activate my product has come from an adobe sealed product
      Charlotte :
      It has not been used before
      Charlotte :
      And neither has it been fabricated
      Charlotte :
      The box has an adobe barcode and seal and so I see no reason why Adobe cannot fulfill the promise already made to me that it would provide me with a valid serail number or a valid reason why this cannot be done
      Charlotte Cartner:
      But regardless, I do not wish to discuss this with someone at this level
      Nakul: I am sorry, as because the purchase was from Ebay we are not able to help in this issue.
      Nakul: We do not support for the Ebay purchase products.
      Charlotte :
      It's not an ebay product. It's an AUTHENTIC ADOBE PRODUCT
      Charlotte :
      Adobe generated the serial number, so why on earth can the company not CORRECT IT
      Charlotte :
      The serial number was ACCEPTED upon my initial activation of the product!
      Charlotte :
      It was only AFTERWARDS that it was suddenly and magically decided that the serial number wasn't valid!
      Nakul: I'll be right with you.
      Nakul: I am sorry, In this chat itself you have mentioned that you have purchased from Ebay and hence you need to check with the point of purchase itself, there are no other options.
      Charlotte :
      I have checked the point of purchase
      Charlotte :
      But the bloody point is that the serial number was ACCEPTED, and then the activation server came back to me TWO DAYS LATER and said that 'LICENSING FOR THIS PRODUCT HAS EXPIRED'
      Charlotte :
      Accordingly, this problem has LITERALLY NOTHING TO DO WITH THE POINT OF PURCHASE
      Charlotte :
      It has to do with ADOBE
      Charlotte :
      Do not try and rub me off onto some phony excuses to legitimise your support teams pure, ridiculous incompetence
      Nakul: I am really sorry. I checked all the possibilities, there are no other options.
      Charlotte :
      Charlotte :
      So which one should I believe? You or the first guy I spoke to, the second guy I spoke to, or the third?
      Charlotte :
      Forgive me if I am dubious as to the validity of any claim you are making
      Charlotte :
      You've taken the easiest conclusion to resolve this problem to your convenience
      Charlotte :
      And by way of fact, you're totally ignoring what I'm telling you
      Nakul: I am sorry for the wrong information provided by earlier agents. We do not support for the eBay orders as it is not an authorized reseller to Adobe.
      Charlotte :
      Well, in which case, I insist on complaining about the other agents
      Charlotte :
      I believe their names and or agent ID numbers should be marked in my case files
      Nakul: Sure, you can send a complaint to adobecustomerservice@adobe.com.
      Charlotte :
      I see no reason why my problem should have to be dragged out by FALSE INFORMATION provided by other agents
      Charlotte :
      And NO. I want YOU to put me in touch with your departmental supervisor or manager
      Nakul: I truly understand.
      Charlotte :
      I will NOT ACCEPT a generic email address that bears no promise of a response or certified apology for all this aggrevating inconveneince
      Charlotte :
      I want a NAME, a JOB TITLE, a PERSONAL EMAIL ADDRESS and a UK phone number for whom I can address this complaint specifically to
      Charlotte :
      As this is totally unacceptable. #
      Nakul: We have one more email that directly goes to the manager, that is adobechat@adobe.com.
      Charlotte :
      And what is the managers name?
      Nakul: Sandesh, you can mention his name in the subject.
      Charlotte :
      I'll mention it in the address line, thank you
      Charlotte :
      And what is their phone number
      Charlotte :
      And please may I also have their last/surname?
      Nakul: I am sorry, we do not have the option to provide the contact number of Managers.
      Charlotte :
      Then at least give me a surname
      Nakul: His first and last name is Sandesh Acharya.
      Charlotte :
      Thank you. Please inform him that he will be hearing from me very soon.
      Nakul: Sure, I have already informed about this. You can send the email right away.
      Charlotte :
      Thank you
      Charlotte :
      That will be all
      Charlotte :
      No, there is nothing else you can help me with today
      Nakul: You are welcome Charlotte.
      Charlotte :
      Thank you and good bye. Have a good day.
      Nakul: Take Care Charlotte.
      Nakul: I am really really sorry for this inconvenience.
      Nakul: Thank you for contacting Adobe. We are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Goodbye!

      Charlotte :
      Good bye