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    REVIEW Button


      THE QUIZZ:  The REVIEW Button on the Results Page at the end of the Quizz does not work when published in Presenter. It is vital to have feedback for our students

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          flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          Is your quiz results slide the last slide in your deck? I have found that for the Continue and Review buttons to work properly there must be a slide for the presentation to attempt to go to, which cues the action for those buttons.

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            rsaTIC Level 1

            Hi Jorma,

            Thank you for your reply.

            Yes I have tried your suggestion - adding a new blank page after the results page - but it does not work.

            If I click the continue button after I have got the correct results - yes - it goes to the new blank page.

            However if i get the questions wrong - I click the review button - it should (as in Presenter 7 and 8) go to a list of all the questions (which appear on the right side of the slide) that the students have been asked. When you click on the list of questions it will tell you your wrong answer and the correct answer which is the essential feedback that we need. This is not happening in Presenter 9.

            Really not sure what is goig on!!!