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    What does Max 500 people mean?


      In Collect and Analyze responses, Collect PDF responses with Acrobat, it says Max 500 people.  Does this mean sharing analysis with no more than 500 people?  I have a client that will have 6 forms, with up to 2000 responses per form.  We will share the analysis with less than 10 people.  Would they be OK?



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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee

          That does not apply when collecting responses with FormsCentral.


          The FormsCentral desktop application included with Acrobat can be used to create PDFs that do not have the FormsCentral submit button, and those can be distributed in other ways, the "Max 500 people" is from the Acrobat EULA and is related to an Acrobat distribution workflow and has a sub-note which says:

          "Form distribution and data collection with Acrobat and Form Tracker may not exceed 500 people per form"


          Using FormsCentral to collect responses you would be allowed the number of responses corresponding to the subscription you signed up for.  Also, with FormsCentral you can export and delete responses to continue to collect more.