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    Timeline Scale in CS5.5?

    jeffery wright Level 1

      I have a timeline that is 150 frames long, containing a number of tweens and keyframes.


      I want to scale it down to 80 frames, how is this possible? I see no option for this very common timeline operation, any ideas?



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          Amy Blankenship Level 4

          Probably the best way is going to be to select sections of frames by dragging, then using shift-F5 to remove snippets in places that keep everything proportional.

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            jeffery wright Level 1

            Well yeah, the manual way is one tedious way, I wonder why Flash would fail to include a common timeline tool such as timeline scaling? It seems obvious to any professional who works with timelines, and this is Flash CS5.5 "Pro" after all.



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              Amy Blankenship Level 4

              They didn't fail to include it. If you have "a" Motion tween, you can scale it by dragging the end. If you know up front you may want to scale the entire timeline, you probably should make it by making each layer one long motion tween. Then you can just drag the end. However, from your description, you used multiple tweens and may have even used Classic or shape tweens.

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                KBells Level 1

                dankrusi: // / stretching the timeline in flash


                I found this gem after scouring through pages and pages on internet. This webpage has an excellent time stretch script in JSFL.  It's not perfect when reducing timeline length, as it will delete keyframes. It works well when extending the timeline. I've used this script to bring a 2000 frame animation to 5000 with very little problems. Anything that is a flipped, you will tend to notice the point at where it's flipped. In any case, it's good practice to go thru the timeline and tweaking the keyframes after using the script.


                Posting this so that others looking for this tool can use it as well.