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    How do you unlock fields when clearing the signature using the SignatureServcie?

    sceave_oo7 Level 1

      I have a workflow built using Process Management and is available through Workspace.  A claimant completes their expense report, digitally signs the form and submits it to their approver.  The form is setup to lock a set of fields after signature.  The approver then has the option to approve or disapprove the form.  When they disapprove the workflow clears the digital signature using Clear Signature Field operation in the SignatureService and routes it back to the claimant.  When the form is opened by the claimant the digital signature has been cleared as expected, but the fields are still locked.  Is there an autoamted way to unlock them?  Is this a service configuration issue or is there another service operation we need to call after clearing the signature? 


      We did try using Javascript to set the readonly property on the field with no luck. Any thoughts?


      We are developing on ES3 and will be upgrading to ES4 in the next week.