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    Photoshop or Illustrator for A4 printed brochures?

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      I prefer Photoshop for designing and I am far more experienced with it meaning I can get design jobs done quickly, but should I learn to love Illustrator (or even InDesign) for my new job designing brochures (usually no larger than A4) for print?? If so, what tutorials should I start watching to get to grips with these programes?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Nobody prints complex brochures potentially based on rasterized data such as PS produces. You will have to get over it and learn InDesign or Illustrator and make friends with multiple artboards/ pages and all that. I'm sure a simple web search wil lturn up tons of tutorials.



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            SJRiegel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Use InDesign for brochures; it has superior tyypograpical control, and is made for layout work. Use Illustrator for creating graphics and logos to place in the InDesign doucment. Save Photoshop for photo editing.


            Lynda.com is a good resourse, and it offers a free trail subscription. There are lots of good books available


            InDesign Visual QuickStart Guide by Sandee Cohen is one often recomended here.


            And once you get stated, the InDesign and Illustrator forums here are always a great resource.

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