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    My Creative Cloud Membership is Cancelled and I am in a 30 day "Trial".  How do I fix this?

    James McKee Ford Level 1

      I have tried changing credit card. Tried Chat, Tried a message here yesterday, No one can tell me "What is the Problem with my account"  I joined Creative Cloud in January and directly paid first month via credit card. Digital River from Luxembourg, bill my Credit Card on the 13th of Feb.   In March, I began getting popups that my account would expire in xx days.  Instructed me to update my Credit Card info.  I checked card balance and it was ok, I changed the Credit Card anyway at Adobe.  Still no charge on my Card. I began contacting Help on Chat.  (5 times)  No-one could tell me what was the problem.   Now my creative Cloud Membership is cancelled and I am in a 30 day trial period with Dreamweaver and Photoshop.   SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME FIX THIS!