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    Adjustment Layer not rendering...


      I have a fairly basic comp consisting of 3 or 4 3d layers spaced out along the Z axis, two precomps containing some edge lighting effects, a camera, a light, and the troublesome adjustment layer. The adjustment layer only contains some color correction and a flare. I thought perhaps a certain effect may be causing the layer not to render, but i eliminated that possibility by removing the effects i had and trying several other, the layer was still not rendering.  I think I have exhausted all of the really simple solutions, nothing is solo'd, all the layers are visible in the preview, the layers are all in the correct order etc..  I can't SS the project right now as I am not at home, but i can tell you that I am working with CS5.5, on windows 8.1, i5 cpu, 8 gigs of ram. The really frustrating part is that a slightly earlier version of the project successfully rendered the adjustment layer and I don't remember changing anything major...  Suggestions?  Shots in the dark?  Anything?  I will post a SS later in the day.  Thanks in advance to any and all who have advice.