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    Indexing case insensitive words/phrases


      Using CS6, I completed the layout design of a business text book (250pgs) and now I am at the daunting task of indexing it.  This is the first time I tried my hand at indexing and it has gone pretty smoothly thus far because I did my research, watched tutorials, read my manual etc.


      I have a multi-document book and imported a list of topics.  I then went in and chose my index markers for words or phrases.  I don't need to span pages or sections, so I am just using current page number.  Here is my problem... I need one topic, but my reference entries as such:

      Accounts Receivable (A/R)

      Accounts Receivable

      Accounts receivable

      accounts receivable



      So I have five different reference markers under one topic.  I thought I found the magic solution when I opened up the reference menu and double clicked on an entry and changed the topic level to what I wanted it to be i.e. if i changed "accounts receivable" to "Accounts Receivable (A/R)" all the reference entries under "accounts receivable" now appear under "Accounts Receivable (A/R)"


      Boo. This did not stick when I generated my index.  I had topic under all those references, even though in my topic list, I only have one entry.  I saved and closed my book and now after a few days I reopened it and all the references instances regardless of case are back even though I thought I put them under one case.


      I hope I am using the right terminology that this makes sense.  I need some advice on how to streamline these references under one topic without having a second level topic entry (it's not a second level, it's the same topic, just phrased differently).


      Thanks in advance,