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    FlashVideo SeekBar component problem

      We have found a problem that we cannot figure out. We load up a Flash video onto the stage. Assign 3 different components to control it's playback. PlayPause, Sound, and SeekBar. We are changing the ContentPath via buttons to play different video clips.

      The problem comes up when we try and go to a different frame that does not have any video components or playback items on stage, the SeekBar arrow stays on screen. We cannot figure out how to HIDE it, unload it or thereby remove it from the stage.

      In addition to this issue, if we return to the movie page, there begins a new arrow for the seekbar and repeated exit's and returns to the movie page can build up quite a few SeekBar arrows on the SeekBar playback component.

      Anyone else run into this problem? Thanks for any help you may have.