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    Interactive site tour


      Hello – I’m tasked with creating an interactive online site tour for a client that is to be attached to a webpage. The site tour can be recorded in Flash; however, I have very little experience using Flash, so I’m wondering which Adobe product you would recommend to accomplish the following goals. The client would like the site tour to have an interactive menu where the user can pick and choose what they would like to see or do next, i.e., the menu will allow the user to navigate directly to any page, or navigate to the previous page or next page. Also, there needs to be an Information pop-up window that displays on each slide/page. The user must be able to move the Information window so that they can view the entire page, and there must be links on the Information window that allow the user to navigate to the previous page or next page. Any suggestions or links to similar questions would be appreciated!

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Straight up: Hire an experienced web designer that knows how to deal with this. You are in over your head if you have effectively zero web experience.



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            Dave LaRonde Level 7

            I'll reiterate what Mylenium says.  If you're currently unable to do it yourself, hire it done.  You're in no position for instantaneous learning.


            If you were to jump into Adobe's suite of applications for animation and web design with both feet and devote all your work days to learning them, you'd be ready to go by.... oh, say, June.  I presume the task needs to be done before then.

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              mscjersey Level 1

              Mylenium and Dave LaRonde, thank you for your response and honesty. I was concerned with the learning curve since the beginning. I have experience with writing functional design, but I never worked on web design, which I realize is a completely different animal. When I was tasked with this assignment, it may have been over-simplified; someone suggested creating a Power Point presentation and then converting the presentation to Flash. This might not be as interactive as I originally mentioned, but could that provide some of the functionality that I described above in terms of navigation?