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    Lock Error when lanuching Flex Builder in OS X

      Installed Flex Builder 2 (OS X) on 10.4.9 having two users (Users A and B both having Admins). User B was the second profile created. Flex was initially install under User B but privilege restrictions were encounter. It was successfully installed under User A. Flex launches OK under user A. Logging out of User A and logging into User B is where the problem that I'm having is occurring. An Error is occurring which indicates "See the log file..configuration. That file indicates"

      !MESSAGE Error reading configuration: /Applications/Adobe flex builder 2/configuratin/org.eclipse.osgi/.manager/.fileTableLock (Permission denied).

      I performed a cold start and when to User B. The same problem occurred.

      How do I get around this? Can Flex be used by only one user, the first Administer?