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    Problems Packaging/Copying Links..

    lisa98765 Level 1

      I have a huge file, 50 pages chock full of high res art that is being pulled from all different folders on my machine. There are 300+ pieces of art, the InDesign file itself is 75MB. When I try to package it, OR go to the LINKS panel and choose Copy Links, and try to gather the art that way, it works for a while and eventually gives me a message that just says Cannot copy linked files.. or something like that.. sometimes it copies nothing.. Other times when I try: when I go and look it DID copy many of them but not all, can't figure out the rhyme or reason what went wrong or why it chose some but not others..

      It should not be a memory issue on my machine, and all my links are up to date, etc..

      Any ideas why this won't work?

      using InDesign CS6