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    I want to toggle Movie Symbols with List boxes

      For some reason I cant seem to use remove.clip to turn off a movie symbol. I dont think I am setting this up correctly, it is an easy task I am trying to acomplish. basically I have 3 movie symbols of hair and 3 radio buttons I want to attatch them to. I am reading the radio buttons correctly. I created an animating ball and put the stop / play command to them to make sure this was so. but all of the hair (long hair on top) are displayed at once.

      here is my code....

      I take it remove clip does not work the way I am expecting it to? any advise for a very simple end result? I dont want to use Gotoframe because I want to animate the background with other stuff later, And I dont want the page flip look.

      here is the file ... http://www.erickinkead.com/flash/Fasion2.swf