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    When we import MP3 into Flash, it gets longer - how can we import sound accurately for lipsync?


      We are using Flash Pro CC in a mixed media animation - documentary background, animated characters on top - so timing is critical. When we import the footage into flash we convert the video to FLV which works fine, but we have to import audio seperately in order for scrubbing to work. As advised by Adobe helpsheets, we are importing the sound as MP3 44.1kHz / 128kbps, but when it comes in, it is 6% too long. For example an 88 frame MP3 becomes a 94 frame MP3 in the Flash Pro CC timeline.


      Is there any way to import sound so that it does not stretch. This is crucial to us because our character has lipsync and we need it to be right.


      Any help much appreciated? Anyone else experienced this? Anyone have a work around?


      Many thanks




      PS We are animating using short clips - mostly 3-4 seconds. The longest in five episodes is 13 seconds, but everything should be well within the limits of what flash can handle.