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    What are the units of the timeline

    GraphicsGeezer Level 1

      What are the units fo the timeline? Seconds, weeks, eons, microseconds? Can't tell and there is no video or manual or any instruction out there that tells hyou this simple fact. I've already watched nearly all the videos available and all they do is chunter along about their wonderful videos instead of telling you the basic things. So, now I've spent all day making a presentation that takes at least 300 years to move from one frame to the next and I'm wondering if perhaps the timeline is written in centuries, or millenia instead of something reasonble.


      Englightenment on where I can learn basic neglected secrets, would be appreciated. Also appreciated would be some insight into the corporate disease Adobe seems to have which compels it to inflict videos upon people who just want basic answers and to make it necessary to click 185 buttons and log in 17 times to even ask a question on this very helpful forum