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    as others have said why don't you have Kindle fire flash player

    Dark Skar

      For those on Kindles and no other devices you must have a flash player for them to play other games otherwise no good will come out of that so for those on Kindle you should have a flash player made otherwise you might get bad reviews for it.

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          Mike M Level 6

          There is no more Flash Player for Android and there won't be another... not since June 2012. Android is no longer compatible with Flash Player - THAT was an Andorid (Google) decision. Android (Google) recommends using either "Dolphin" or "Puffin" as your browser if you need to view Flash content with a mobile device running Android. They're both availabe in the GooglePlay store. These browsers use "server side" rendering to reduce the load on your device.




          2008 (March) - Apple® releases the first iPhone, using iOS®. Steve Jobs is insistent and adamant that iOS® is NOT compatible with Flash® and NEVER WILL BE. Jobs' reasoning is that playing Flash® content is processor consumptive and it drains batteries, thus shortening the life of them in mobile devices. In six years, that hasn't changed. Not for the iPhone®, iPad® or iPod® Touch™. It never will change and there never will be a Flash Player® for iOS®.

          2008 (September) - Google® introduces Android™ to compete with iOS®, for people who don't want to pay what Apple® is asking for an iPhone®. Android®, unlike its Apple® counterpart IS compatible with Flash®.

          2012 (June) - Android™ (Google®) announces the end of support for Flash® with Android™ 4.3. Going forward NO Android™ devices will be compatible with Flash®, but older versions on older devices can still be loaded with "legacy" builds still available from Adobe®. Android™ (Google®) cites the same reason Apple® did for the decision to end support for Flash®. Adobe® continues to release security patches to Flash Player® for Android™ until September 2013, announcing the "end of life" for Android™ Flash® September 10.