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    How do I to create an ad with a video player using a hosted vid without uploading the skin swf


      I've been trying to figure this our for a long time.  I have drop down banner ads that need to have a video play with controls.  I'm sending the same ad out to multiple clients, but some of them can't upload the skin swf.  So I need this to be contained in one swf file.


      I can get this to play the video fine, but there was no controls without the skin swf.


      I have mosted links like: www.mysite.com/video.mp4


      Here's an example: http://markmartucci.com/hbo2/veepdropwrap.html


      Is there a 3rd party player like netstream or somthing that would allow be to send out a single contained swf with a video player?


      I have flash CS3, CS6, and CC.  If there's a way to do this with AS2 in CS6, that would be amazing.


      If anyone can help with this it will save my life.