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    Moving Macros from CS6 to Creative Cloud

    webspinner Level 1

      My company is moving from CS6 to the Creative Cloud version of Photoshop.


      I'm concerned that my macros will not be present in the Cloud version of Photoshop.  Has anyone made this transition successfully?



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          PaulieDC Level 2

          Do you mean your Actions when you say Macros? Also, are you on mac or PC?

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            webspinner Level 1

            Sorry, yes, "Actions."  I'm on PC.  Thanks!

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              PaulieDC Level 2

              No prob! Look in your C drive and navigate to c:\Users\[your user name]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe, and in there you will see a folder for Photoshop. Copy that folder safely somewhere. Then when you install PS CC, a folder for that version will appear in the same place and you can copy your actions from the backup to there. ALSO, go to C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop (your version) and copy the Preset and Plugins to a safe place, and restore them after PS CC is installed.


              That's the manual antiquated way I do it, but if anyone else has a better method, by all means, pipe up!

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                PECourtejoie Adobe Community Professional


                First, you need to make sure that the actions have been saved to disk. Select an action set (folder), then go to the action panel's menu and select save actions. Repeat for each set. Just because they appear in the panel does not mean they have been saved, and they could disappear during a crash, not if they are saved: you could load them back.

                They will now be where Paulie described it. He used the oldschool method.

                Now, with CS6 and CC, once you install a new version, at first boot, it should ask you if you want to migrate your presets, and it will move all your custom presets to the required folders for the new version.

                If you missed the migrate presets prompt, you can go to edit>Presets and select migrate presets.

                Hope this helps!

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                  webspinner Level 1

                  Thanks for the help.  As it turns out, when I ran PS CC for the first time, it prompted me to transfer my settings from PS CS6, so the macros made it that way.

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                    JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                    My policy is to keep all I add to Photoshop outside any adobe folder.  Some third party plug-ins though insist that they be install directly into Adobe folders.  Actions action and many others thing can be loaded from anywhere and often only need be dropped onto Photoshop to be loaded into Photoshop. Therefor I have my own Photoshop folders I store add-ons in.  When I install a new version of Photoshop it up and running quickly with my add-ons.  Photoshop does a good job these days of migrating presets from previous version.  Once installed I link the new install to my add-ons. This normal only involves adding four links. That link Photoshop 32bit and 64bit version to my folders.  The 32bit and 64Bit Presets\scripts are linked to my single script tree. and Adobe 32bit and 64bit plug-ins folders are linked to my 32bit and 64bit plug-ins trees. There is only one copy of any Photoshop add on that I use on my machine.  All Photoshop visions I have installed use the single copy of the add-ons.


                    What complicate installing Photoshop is finding the missing Adobe things left out that need to be downloaded and installed like the Bridges output module, the scriptlistener plug-in and missing scripting documentation.