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    Which Macbook to buy for Indesign CS6



      I am currently on CS4 and windows. I have decided to purchase the CS6 design suite at the same time as migrating to Mac.

      I have been reading that CS6 doesn't support Retina displays, so which Macbook Pro shall I go for?


      I don't want the CC as I just don't like the whole monthly subscription idea.

      I am not too fussed about ultra hi-res displays and am used to typesetting without it

      Bearing in mind I will be using it for everyday stuff and typesetting on Indesign, I thought I should just save a bit of money and get the non-Retina. In that case, I may even get a used or refurbished i7 non-retina version. Am I missing anything?

      I know my idea is not so futureproof, but I am thinking that Adobe are moving away from perpetual licenses and I dont like subscriptions so I will stay with the CS6 for as long as I can hold out.


      You advice is appreciated.