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    CSS and Flex

      I have been using Flex 2 for a few months now and I wanted to apply some styles to some text in the application that I am building.
      I have a label tag:
      <mx:Label text="Properties" styleName="TabPanelHeader" />.

      TabPanelHeader is declared as:
      .TabPanelHeader {color: #000000; text-transform: uppercase;}

      The text appears in the application and is black, but the text is not uppercase. If I change the font color to #00ff00, the font color changes, so I know the style sheet is being pulled in. I looked on the Adobe web site, but I cannot find information about exactly what CSS information is supported by Flex.

      Is there a definitive resource for using CSS in Flex? I know there are workarounds, but I think that CSS should either be supported or not.


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          Penny Conclude

          Hi JRS64


          Did you manage to find out about the text-transfrom:uppercase if it is valid in Flex Css?

          I need to make textInput value to uppercase and css would be the easiest way.


          I have tried a function and called on change event of the textinput - for some reason not working.

          I have also tried this with a formatter - also not successful.


          thanks, regards