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    Flash Downloading Issue

    barbpal Level 1

      I have Windows 8. I realize that Flash player is a part of this, but suddenly last evening this went haywire. I checked and it was enabled. The active X was correct (as far as I could see). I thought that I would update the Windows, but not to 8.1 as the one time I attempted to do this, it fried my computer and I had to totally reinstall Windows 8 and everything else I had had on my computer. What a hassle that was.


      Anyway, I finally found where it said that I needed to uninstall Flash and reinstall it. I followed this link: http://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/kb/clean-install-flash-player.html on "how to do a clean install". It as you can see it is on Adobe's site. I did the uninstall, but it then places me in a loop and will not let me reinstall it. I just says to ensure that it's enabled. IT's NOT THERE!


      What do I do to reinstall this sucker?