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    AE CC Pre-Comp Issue

    RyanShepard Level 1

      Please review the screen shots. As you can see the Comp preview in After Effects looks quite a bit different than what Media Encoder and Premiere Pro is displaying.

      This seems to be related to pre-comping because if I pre-comp the layers in AE I get the same mis-alignment... Clealy I want to the alignment to stay intact.

      Here is what it looks like in After Effects:


      Side by side of After Effects and the preview of Media Encoder. Notice how the You are watching right edge does not align with the bottom box right edge in Media Encoder?


      And finally how it appears when importing the After Effects project into Premiere Pro. Same issue as Media Encoder.


      While the most obvious issue is the alignment of the boxes, there is also an issue with the over all size. The AE project was aligned striktly to Safe Margins, but that alignment is lost in Premiere.

      The issue seems to be a pre-comp issue in AE becuase I can produce the same result if I pre-comp all the layers in the AE project.


      I'd like to attach the AE project, but cannot seem to find a way to do this. If this is possible, please let me know how.


      Thanks for any help.