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    Photoshop ESC Key Function

    Jasmine Lové Level 1

      ADOBE Engineers,


      Please change the esc function back to "cancel" OR provide an option in the Prefernces menu.


      It makes sense to have "ESC" mean "exit / cancel / abort". It DOES NOT make sense for "ESC" in Photoshop to mean "confirm / commit / accept". Please change it back. This was a poor decision to change this. If you want to be consistent with InDesign and Illustrator, then make their esc key function mean "cancel" as well–to match Photoshop.


      I would not have updated my Photoshop CC if I'd known you were changing (getting rid of) that ESC key function.



      As a PS user I do not like the empty text layers being left in my document everytime I hit escape.

      PLEASE change this or give everyone an option.


      That is my suggestion, like MANY other PS users.





      Dirk van Boxtel from (feedback.photoshop.com) created a neat mock-up to support the "Preferences option" idea:


      http://feedback.photoshop.com/photoshop_family/topics/photoshop_cc_14_2_pressing_esc_in_te xt_layer_editing_mode_doesnt_cancel_but_applies_changes

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          RYLNYC Level 1

          I logged onto the Adobe forums to point out this exact issue -- I'm so glad I'm not alone! I'm used to it in Illustrator, but it's really messing up my PS workflow; almost lost a lot of progress because I forgot ESC no longer cancels the text changes. I might have to go back to CS6 until there's a solution.


          Begging you, Adobe team, please revert it or at the very least give us a preference option. The mockup above would be perfect!